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Hello there. My name is Barbara Fisher and I am no longer a newbie on the blogosphere. The reason I started blogging is because I can be very opinionated about things and sometimes, it’s just too much for Facebook. I am married and the mother of two adult children, and the grandmother of nine.

I am a Christian. My biblical worldview drives my life.  I grew up in church and after being a member of a Reformed Baptist Church, I recently returned to a church of my tradition, a baptist church comprised of mostly African Americans. Somehow, the year 2020 made me yearn for returning to  where there is a common understanding of our journey.  My faith, however remains the same. I am convinced that God saved me by his grace.  Check out my post: What I Believe for more about my beliefs.

I have also been very interested in politics the last few years. I am not a crowd follower. I’m inquisitive by nature, so I don’t believe everything I see on the internet or TV.  I love to dig deeper, researching to draw my own conclusions. I recently cut my ties with my political party and opted to vote as an Independent; although I have been a Conservative Democrat my entire adult life. You can check out my rationale.

I was able to retire from state government service after 30+ years, and that has afforded me this opportunity to not overwhelm Facebook with my thoughts. I hope you find my blog – thought provoking, engaging, and interesting. Please let me know what you think. This is the one venue where your feedback is the juice craved to keep going and going.

54 thoughts on “About Me

  1. I stumbled across your blog while searching for bridal shower devotional ideas and I’m so glad I did. Would it be OK for me to borrow some of your ideas for a devotional I’m doing for a young woman who is getting married?

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  2. Good day Barbara

    Thanks for the follow! How have you been and how’s your blog doing?
    I created a blogger tips group to connect with all my long last WordPress blogger friends, and to help all of us to learn from each other. I would love for you to share your knowledge in the group and connect with other bloggers. Here’s the link:
    Blogger Tips Group

    Finally, here’s a blog I thought you may find interesting:
    The Ripple Effect of Blogging

    Best regards,
    Founder of Healthy Living

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  3. What a gorgeous radiant smile you have–shines with His Spirit!! I love the term “conservative democrat”–that must be what I am too, so thanks for helping me out. Hope you’ll enjoy your blogging experience (I’ve had many blogs over the past 5 years–Derelict Heart is my latest…but you’re not obliged to Follow and all that, just an FYI)–God bless you!

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    1. Wow! Thanks for following me. Just read your About Me. You’re quite the accomplished one. I used to love suspense novels, but now I read a lot of Christian books. But I may venture into your Chasing Victoria. I have read many John Grisham and James Patterson. It used to be my escape. It’s been a while. Thanks again for checking out my blog!


    2. Wow! I just read your About Me you are quite accomplished. Yes, I love retirement, and yes I am opinionated. I may have to check out your Chasing Victoria because I used to love suspense. I used to read a lot of John Grisham and James Patterson, but lately have only been reading books on my Christian walk. Thanks so much for visiting my blog!

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      1. Barbara thank you. I love opinionated people. I have two sisters just as bold and brutally honest. I love a good suspense novels as well. I don’t hold a candle to Grisham and Patterson. My style’s somewhat different. But I’m crafting my skills. I look forward to reading more on your blog! Thanks for following!

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  4. Hi Barbara!

    Thanks so much for following my blog! I’m glad you enjoy my writing so I wanted to stop by yours. I really like your style. You have a very focused intent in your posts but also very conversational! Cheers and good luck! I’ll be reading!

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    1. Thank you so much for nominating me for this award!!!!! I am truly grateful to be considered, but I have not been participating in these because it takes me away from my focus. I do appreciate you thinking that I was worthy. Thanks much!

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      1. Happy to nominate you because I enjoy your blog posts. Totally understand not wanting to participate 🙂 Looking forward to more posts from you, happy blogging!

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  5. I am a relatively new blogger, too. I found your blog today on another site. You left a comment on that site. Your comment intrigued me so I clicked on your blog. You have a lot to say, which is great. I look forward to reading your ‘musings’ in the future.


    1. Thanks for visiting my blog, and welcome to the world of blogging! I am kind of new too. I started in January. I just checked out your page and am a follower. So nice to meet new bloggers!


  6. I love the way you clearly explain some complicated issues in your posts (or at least complex to me as I live over the pond!). Looking forward to discovering more on your blog and happy to be connected. Good wishes. Lita


  7. So happy I found your Blog! When you said you were opinionated, I knew we could be kindred spirits! I have enjoyed going through your Blogs! What a blessing you already are! Praying for your journey and glad I get to follow it! 🙂

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      1. Well I am happy I you’re excited. I am not a huge commenter. I am working on that. I hope you don’t mind all my comments, but I am honestly deeply moved by the things you have written.


      2. I appreciate you letting me know, and I actually do like to receive feedback, because I think blogging can be a conversation. I don’t comment on all the blogs I Like. Sometimes it’s due to time, or I have nothing to say.


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