Oh The Love of My Mom…


My mom was such a force in my life. She loved hard, not just me, my brother and sister, but family. She was the favorite sister, the favorite aunt.  It is so disappointing that she left so early. But she left behind a love that still penetrates, a love I still remember and miss.

She was only 44 years old when she died, leaving me a brand new bride of 5 months on the other side of the country. I was devastated. The day after our wedding, before we left for Florida, there was a goodbye gathering at home filled with family and friends. I’ll never forget that my cousin-in-law pulled me aside to tell me that my mom needed me.

I found her in the bathroom crying. I wish to God that I remembered what was said for those were the last in-person words we would share. She would die just 5 months later.

My mom, the woman who dressed my brother and I up for holidays. Yes, she would have us wearing red, white and blue on the 4th of July.  She fixed my hair in Shirley Temple curls for Easter. She once brought home colorful baby chicks for Easter. She played Santa Claus giving us what we’d ask for and more. Kids would call her pretty when she would come up to our school. She worked hard. She loved to cook. It not only had to taste good, but had to look good. When she remarried and had a baby that same love was given to our little sister.

She loved to sing, I Come To The Garden in the house in her soprano voice. My neighbor reminded me that she used to hear her. She took in people into our home, family and our friends, and some we didn’t know. She was a giver. So many ways that I could describe the love of my mom. I just thank God that he gave me her.

Happy Mother’s Day!


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