A Thought For Father’s Day

I grew up with snapshots of my dad in my life. I remember that he came to my first communion when my mother had bought me a beautiful white dress to mark the occasion. I remember when I did something with bottle caps that warranted a spanking, and afterward, he took me, carrying me part of the way to get an ice cream. I remember that he came to be with us during Hurricane Betsy. I also remember my dad getting off a bus with about 3 new dresses for me. But my dad was not  at my high school graduation nor there for my wedding at age 22 to give me away.

Tomorrow is Father’s Day. Thankfully, my dad and I reconnected years later and maintained a very close relationship until his passing. God helped me with forgiveness, and I am so glad that he did.


I miss him now. He was quite a character.

Fathers play a very critical role in their children’s lives. Both daughters and sons need their fathers, each needing something a little different that he alone can fill. God designed it that way.

Fathers, be present. Engage with your children one on one. Get to know them. Love them. You can start today.

Happy Father’s Day!




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