Has Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness Made Us Selfish?

For certain, I don’t know how I would fare if and when a mandate comes down requiring everyone to shelter in place, but for the safety of others and myself, I’d like to think I would comply.

This past Sunday, many churches did not hold their regular gatherings to comply with and to minimize the spread of the Coronavirus. Professional sports, March Madness, Disney theme parks, concerts and Broadway have suspended, canceled or shuttered due to this virus.

Yesterday, the CDC issued recommendations to limit groups to no more than 50 people, and today, the White House published its guidelines: 15 Days To Slow the Spread which limits groups to 10 people.  We have not passed this way before.

So today when I saw on CNN this picture reported by Fox6now.com of the crowd of people pictured above at the Clearwater Beach in Florida for spring break, I was shocked.

This lack of being willing to comply with guidelines, heed warnings, and the hoarding of goods which leaves others to face empty shelves makes me wonder whether our unalienable rights might have a bearing on how we are responding.



So, what do you think?

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