Listen You!

Mrs. Slacker:

I have just about had enough of you!  I have personally observed you taking side glances as you walk past the mirror. What’s the point if you are not going to take steps to make changes?

Yes, I see you’ve been walking and jogging Monday through Friday, but I have also noticed, that you look for the slightest reason not to. Don’t let there be a rain forecast for the day. That is all you need to say, “I guess I can’t.”  No! No! No! Is it raining? If not, get your slacking body out there!

And another thing, you are retired now, right? Remember when you were working? You used to do 200 crunches in the morning and 200 crunches at night. Uhhhh, what happened?

No really, what happened? Your routine was not all that strenuous in the first place, crunches and the four mile walk. I approved that given you’re not one of those avid workout people.

Remember your saying “Skinny is as skinny does”? Did you forget it? They remain skinny because of what they eat and their exercise activity. You already discovered that. Yes, I know you refuse to diet, and I am okay with that because you’re not excessive, but your exercise regimen is the one thing you have that combats your intake.

So, what it’s going to be, Mrs. Slacker? Am I loud enough? What’s it going to be? Huh?


Okay you say you will hit the pavement in the morning and you will resume your crunches?

Okay, I’m watching you. Don’t make me have to have this discussion again, Mrs. Slacker.

Sergeant Carter


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