Leadership Matters!

Election 2020 photos: Biden-Harris supporters celebrate - Los Angeles Times

This weekend there was a perfect demonstration of seeing the impact of a leader. I saw people pour into the streets in celebration of the declaration of former Vice-President Joe Biden as the winner in the 2020 Presidential election with masks on!

Why were they wearing masks? This eruption of celebration was organic, not planned, yet they all showed up in masks. I believe that they were following the example of President-Elect Joe Biden. First, he consistently wore a mask. Second, he did so because he listened to the experts. Third, he promoted its benefit as helping us to mitigate the transmission of the Coronavirus, and that by doing so would put us on the path to normalcy, which is what we are all craving, right?

So many small businesses have suffered and shuttered, even large companies are suffering as a result of this pandemic and required closures or limited openings. This is not sustainable.

Having a leader who understands that, and who can persuade people to buy into the mitigation efforts is a plus for moving our country out of this pandemic. Of course, bad leadership works too. Look at all who have bought into President Trump’s position where masks are not so necessary, shutdowns are an overreach, and no real appreciation for reliance on science. Just check out how other countries are handling.

Today, President-Elect Joe Biden speaks to U.S. citizens and implores them to wear a mask whether you voted for him or not.

How do we show love for our neighbor? Let’s show love by wearing a mask. Don’t buy the argument that only those who fear, wear masks, or that we are not afraid of contracting it. Why should we put God to the test? We don’t know how, should we contract it, it will impact us or our loved ones. As I stated in an earlier post, I am the first to admit that I have been a very inconsistent mask wearer. I aim to do better. I want God to remove this virus, and this will be my way to show that I am willing to do my part.

Photo from the Los Angeles Times.


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