Complicitness Wins!

Due to the silence, the willingness to ignore for the sake of pushing forth an agenda, two prominent, principled Republican Senators are not running for re-election.

You cannot tell me that you are principled, and are totally ignoring what is going on! Yesterday, the First Lady, Melania Trump issued a statement of her participation in National Bullying Prevention Month. Really? To whom is she sending this message?

I know that there is no perfect party for we have faults on both sides. I had been leaning Republican, finally moving from my lifelong devotion to the Democratic party, although it still retains some elements I believe in, but I am sadly disappointed in the Republican US Congress opting for party vs principles.

Yes, I believe when we say nothing, and are silent in the face of a fight for the moral character of our country, we are complicit. Thank you Senators Robert Corker and Jeff Flake for speaking out.



So, what do you think?

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