Thank You For Your Service – (Retitled and Revised)

At the recommendation of White House Chief of Staff, General John Kelly at his October 19, 2017, White House briefing, I watched the movie, Taking Chance.

It made me feel that my life has been so self-absorbed, so unaffected by those who are serving on my behalf, our behalf. Yes, I appreciate their service, but my appreciation appears to be momentary or situational; even though there are members in my family and friends who have served, and are serving.

Sadly, I’m recognizing that I have been so consumed with my own life, that I don’t  really give thought to those who served and are serving, and the sacrifice they are making; especially now that we are totally relying on a volunteer force.

General Kelly indicated that only 1% of our citizens serve our country in the armed services to ensure our protection, maintain our freedoms, and ideals. Somehow, hearing that has made me so much more appreciative of those who serve and the families they leave in order to serve.

The movie, Taking Chance, gives us a behind the scene look not only at the culture of the military which is admirable, but also how they treat the fallen. Sadly, until last year, I had never heard the term “Gold Star” family.  The freedoms we enjoy are because the 1% are risking their lives, sometimes their very young lives for me, for us.

I hope to get better at showing my appreciation. I begin with thanking those in my family who are serving, and have served.

Thanks to all of you that served, and are serving. Thank you for all who as a result of your service now have permanent scars of your service, both physically and mentally. Thank you too, families of those left behind while they serve, and deepest gratitude to every Gold Star family, for you too are now left with a permanent scar, the loss of a dear loved one.

This day, but not only today, we honor you. Happy Veterans Day!



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