Why Pray For Ukraine?

Why should we single out praying for Ukraine when there is so much evil going on all over the world? Because right now their country is under attack. Because right now, millions of Ukrainians are having to flee their homes.

We hear reports now of cluster bombs targeting civilians in Ukraine, not the United States, not Germany, not France, but Ukraine.

I have observed that calls to pray for Ukraine often follows with other causes to pray for, be it atrocities elsewhere, senseless killings in our streets, abortions, etc.

This tendency of ours actually reminds me of the argument for explaining the cry of many saying black lives matter. People took offense to it as if it meant only black lives mattered. Some have tried to explain it using different scenarios including one I heard: If only one house on the block was on fire, you would not expect the fire response team to begin spraying all of the homes on the block with water, but the one on fire.

Because we’ve become so polarized and are living in a politically charged environment, it’s common to shoot off a whataboutism. I think that we just need to listen more, to hear what is being said before providing a quick and sometimes extensive retort.

Yes, our whole world is in turmoil. Our world needs Jesus, and we ought always to pray for our cities, states, countries, especially its leaders. But the call to join in prayer for Ukraine is simply because it is literally on fire right now.

…Men ought always to pray, and not to faint.

Luke 18:1b KJV


So, what do you think?

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