Expand It!

How large is your circle? Probably the better question is how diverse is your circle? We  each have a circle, sometimes more than one circle that includes work friends, friends, and family with whom we are closest and share our lives joys and pains.

We usually only allow our vulnerability to show with those are generally  in one of our  inner circles. Given our land of diversity and richness, how diverse is your circle? With whom do you communicate or see on a regular basis? With whom do we break bread?

The more we expand our circle(s), the more we are able to tear down walls of separation. It’s easy and comfortable to be with people who look like us, but if we dare try to get to know someone who isn’t, we will be amazed at how alike we are. We have the same dreams, same aspirations, same struggles.

So, it doesn’t matter if our circle is large or small, what matters is that our circle expands to include those who are not like us.


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