Leaving and Cutting My Ties Was Freeing

Saturday, October 6th was a huge day for me. I cut my ties with my attachment with my 24-hour cable news coverage. I had already cut it down to only three different programs, well, four, that I would record in case I was busy, although, I didn’t usually go back to watch what I missed; but Saturday night, I deleted each one. It was freeing.

Monday would be my first real day of seeing how I would fare. I didn’t miss it. I don’t miss it.  I now know what’s going on locally, and I find from my local news channel what is going on nationally and in the world.

Why did I do it? It wasn’t good for me. I didn’t like feeling like I either won or lost, that one side was all good and one side was all bad, or feeling change was just around the corner, when actually I recognize that my life, this world, is all held in the hands of God, and it is him who sets up one and puts down another.

I did something else that night. I left my forty-four year relationship with my political party. I didn’t want to be a part of that tribe any longer, so I re-registered as an Independent, even though, I didn’t always vote according to party, neither of the primary parties fit me.

While I’m strictly conservative on moral issues because of my biblical views, I also support policies that consider the disenfranchised and oppressed, which I don’t believe are inconsistent with my biblical views.

I’m not really certain how this will affect my political engagement, but I do hope it helps me to promote thoughtfulness.


24 thoughts on “Leaving and Cutting My Ties Was Freeing

  1. It’s been four years. I’m curious about an update since you’ve officially been independent. Or is that update in a separate blog you’ve already written?
    Also, I’ve noticed a few ads on your WP blog site. Is that profitable enough to cover the costs of blogging?


    1. Hi There! It’s been a while. Thanks for checking in. I’m still an Independent as I don’t really align with either party, but I actually never have. Regarding profitability of having the ads, because I do not blog as much, nor read as many, I don’t believe it covers the annual costs. I actually haven’t even collected yet because it hasn’t added up to much yet. It depends on your clicks.


  2. I quit affiliating with a political party during the “W” Bush years. My faith does not align with any particular political party. And what I see in Washington makes me despise both parties. The Kavanaugh hearing was the ugliest spectacle I have seen in a long time (and I have 5 teenage boys), and it wasn’t just one-sided ugly either. The time is ripe for a third party to emerge, one that truly reflects the values of Jesus’ followers (and not one that merely gives lip service). The historic alliance of “evangelicals” with the Republican party has left me confused as to what “evangelical” even means, and, in fact, I bristle if someone calls me one because I don’t like the insinuation. But beyond that, cutting the 24/7 cable news is an awesome idea, and our Country truly would be better off if more people followed suit. Not because I think cable news outlets are evil or “fake news,” but because they fill us with negativity and brainwashing. I highly value the free press, but pundits and commentary have so spoiled cable news that it seems to do more harm than good. I have been immersed with cable news since Trump’s campaign and have recently cut back tremendously, and you are so right, it feels good and liberating. What I have discovered are podcasts, which are fantastic. I now listen to those on my commute instead of CNN radio.

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    1. Hi James! It’s so good to hear from you! Yes, cutting the ties and leaving my party, I have really found it to be freeing. We just don’t realize how much that influences us and before we know it we might be espousing the same views and thoughts. Yeah, I mainly have been listening to sermons but have a few podcasts in my cue. Maybe, I will check out today as I have the fun task of completing removal of old shelving liner from my kitchen cabinets with new contact paper. I really do miss your writing! So, seeing your name made me smile! Take care!


      1. Thanks for your kind words. I stepped back from blogging for a few reasons. 1) I’ve been extremely busy professionally and personally. 2) I was getting too time invested, both in writing and trying to support other bloggers. 3) Every time I sat down to write, I was inclined toward the political, which I found unhealthy and unproductive. I trashed my last four articles/stories because I didn’t want them to result in the social media fights I’ve witnessed all over the “internets.” I do miss writing and the blogging community and admire you for sticking with it so diligently. I do plan to return but will probably do so gradually.

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      2. I understand life can get in the way, and you’re still working and have a young family, whereas, I am retired. I did at one point wonder whether this was just a phase because I wasn’t writing anymore. I was good if I posted one a month. I’m aiming to do more at least one a week, minimum, twice a month. We’ll see.


  3. Barb, I, too, have felt that neither political party really carries Jesus’ heart right now, or the Bible’s theology. I still feel one side is closer, and I’m probably a ways from leaving that party, but I do feel it needs a vigorous re-heartening. And possibly even a slap across the face.

    BUT…if we’re going to talk Biblical theology, it always re-points me back to myself first. I can get self-righteous and mad, too – at the two major political parties. And that doesn’t work for God, either. I can hold anger and hatred in my heart just as easily. So it still takes sanctification for me to think like an independent! That’s what I keep coming back to right now.

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    1. And I don’t believe the parties were meant to carry the heart of Jesus, we are, which is why I don’t believe there will ever be one right party. This, I must remind myself, is just a pass through. I explained in the post preceding this one, that the divisiveness doesn’t allow us to hear the other side. We just become locked in and there’s no reasoning. I am by no stretch of the imagination all I need to be, but I need to do the things that helps me align with him. Thanks for the feedback!

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      1. I think you are right-on here. Religion is not supposed to be political, so the union is awkward. However, I continue to believe a political party motivated by a love for Christ would look very different from the options we have right now. And I don’t mean creating a theocracy or forcing Christian values down people’s throats. What I mean is a genuine love for and respect of others and environment, which would play out very differently from what we see now. A third party I would like to see wouldn’t even carry a Christian banner, but its policies would be guided by the love of Christ.

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  4. Have thought about doing the same for a long while. I purposely don’t watch for a few days just to get some peace of mind. I love the old 80’s song by Farrell and Farrell, “People in a Box”. My fav phrase is,
    “People in a box
    T.V. personalities
    They show me how to live
    In specific generalities
    People in a box
    Out of bed
    tune ’em in
    How much do I learn
    from people in a box?
    Are these sultans of video activity
    truly the masters of my destiny?
    Was I created in the image
    of Trinitron?
    Can Jesus ever endorse mediocrity
    while we consume hours of program philosophy?
    Will we ever learn that off is as easy to turn, as on?”

    Thanks for writing this. God Bless!

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    1. Wow, Judi! Those lyrics are quite relevant. We just don’t realize how much it actually impacts how we think and indoctrinates us to its point of view. Thanks for reading and sharing your thoughts!


  5. Hi Barbara! Prayers you and your family are well! In my years, I’ve never sensed our country more divided…and I’m an old dude! You have made a good decision which you write about in your post! Today, in our political country, rather than risk losing, it is now the norm to protest and attempt to destroy the professional career of the individual. I left my party. I’m a registered independent. I used to write about needing a voice for ” the least among us” which is so sad in our country! Where is the church? I miss you and appreciate you and your writing!

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    1. Hi Rick! We are doing fine, but how are you? I haven’t seen your name pop up lately. Now that I have walked away, I may be doing more writing. Although, on the political side, I’m sure the cable news helped to spur me on. So this will be interesting, given musings and my two cents are on politics too.

      Take care! Keep looking to th Author and Finisher of our faith!


  6. I think that simplifying our lives is the key. That way we can actually be more effective and hear God better.

    Thanks for sharing. Will be interesting to read your reflections after your dumping of stuff

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