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Leaving and Cutting My Ties Was Freeing

Saturday, October 6th was a huge day for me. I cut my ties with my attachment with my 24-hour cable news coverage. I had already cut it down to only three different programs, well, four, that I would record in case I was busy, although, I didn’t usually go back to watch what I missed; but Saturday night, I deleted each one. It was freeing.

Monday would be my first real day of seeing how I would fare. I didn’t miss it. I don’t miss it.  I now know what’s going on locally, and I find from my local news channel what is going on nationally and in the world.

Why did I do it? It wasn’t good for me. I didn’t like feeling like I either won or lost, that one side was all good and one side was all bad, or feeling change was just around the corner, when actually I recognize that my life, this world, is all held in the hands of God, and it is him who sets up one and puts down another.

I did something else that night. I left my forty-four year relationship with my political party. I didn’t want to be a part of that tribe any longer, so I re-registered as an Independent, even though, I didn’t always vote according to party, neither of the primary parties fit me.

While I’m strictly conservative on moral issues because of my biblical views, I also support policies that consider the disenfranchised and oppressed, which I don’t believe are inconsistent with my biblical views.

I’m not really certain how this will affect my political engagement, but I do hope it helps me to promote thoughtfulness.