Outdated Concepts

It appears that I have lived long enough to see a lot of things change. Really change. There are certain terms and/or concepts that I don’t see or hear anymore. I remember being in the seventh grade hearing about the nuclear family, which was a term used to describe the family unit consisting of two parents with 2.5 children. Then it was assumed that you are speaking of two married parents, a mom and a dad, but today?

Premarital sex used to describe sexual activity prior to marriage, which was a taboo, but I’ve noticed that term has fallen, and has now become a commonly accepted practice.

Adultery, sexual activity of a married person with someone who is not their spouse,  has become an “affair”. That doesn’t sound like something wrong does it?

In the closet–  Nothing’s in the closet anymore. Everyone, generally speaking, has come and are coming out of the closet. There is now a general embracing for those who do.

Respect, be it for authority, elders, persons and property, has virtually disappeared from our social construct. One key moment where this was displayed on national TV was when Congressman Joe Wilson who shouted “You lie” during former President Obama’s speech to Congress.

Truth is no longer grounded in facts. We now have “alternative facts.” There is no absolute truth. What is truth for you, may not be truth for me. Mmmm….

Shame, that painful emotion caused by a consciousness of guilt arising from some improper behavior, this too has disappeared and is outdated. We no longer run and hide in shame, but rather parade what used to be hidden. Everything really is okay, so there is no need to feel bad, no need to feel ashamed.

Modesty – We used to not discuss bodily functions openly. Now, everything is on the table.  I was recently surprised at a recent Febreze commercial about the basement bathroom. This commercial really captures that there is nothing we refrain from discussing openly.

Left to the imagination – Sadly, I suppose we can no longer figure things out on our own. TV commercials, movies and programs leave nothing to the imagination. Remember the separate beds for husband and wife, Ricky and Lucy in “I Love Lucy”?

Chivalry has mostly disappeared. Men are no longer expected to give up their seats for a woman. Sadly, I believe this went down with the Women’s Liberation Movement of the late 60s.

These are just a few of the things that seem to be long gone; a lot of which I miss. What outdated concept can you think of? Are there any that you miss?









14 thoughts on “Outdated Concepts

  1. Great writing. I miss community! When I was growing up the kids knew who lived in every house and those people knew us. If someone needed help, the community helped them. People went to church on Sunday mornings. Now, we go from our locked house, in our locked car and pay more attention to our phones than one another! Ps; I re- opened my blog! Feel free to wander by! Thank you for sharing your walk of faith!

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