Stay At Home!

While “stay at home” may sound like a clear order or directive to me in response to the Coronavirus, the order, though not formal,  which was just issued by the Sacramento County health officials has not been as clear as it seems because there are exceptions.

The directive to “stay at home” is effective immediately, but you may:

 Still take walks.

Go to grocery stores, banks, buy gas, etc..

Walk your dogs.

Take kids to the park or let them play outside.

Visit with each other in their homes.

One of the cable news channels focusing on the Bay area, which just received a “shelter in place” order, again not formal, showed the first day of the order in effect of people outside walking, some jogging, a few riding bikes like any other day.

Is this how “shelter in place” or “stay at home” is supposed to look?

I was envisioning Italy.

I guess it won’t be so hard after all.


So, what do you think?

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