What I Read Today…

Daily Bible Reading for March 13, 2020

Today my reading plan takes me through the 5th – 7th chapters of Deuteronomy.

In Chapter 5, Moses stresses the importance of obedience to the statutes, and rules, for they got to hear God’s voice as he gave them the Ten Commandments. Because hearing God’s voice was frightful to them, they asked Moses to bring God’s message instead and that they would do what God says. God, who is gracious and knows what’s in man, responds:

“Oh that they had such a heart as this always, to fear me and to keep all my commandments, that it might go well with them and with their descendants forever!” Deuteronomy 5:29

In Chapter 6, Moses gives them the Greatest Commandment which sums them all.

“Hear, O Israel: the LORD our God, the LORD is one. You shall love the LORD your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your might.” Deuteronomy 6:4-5

I took this chapter to heart as it encouraged me to teach my children the word  at home, while driving in the car, using the word in disciplining them, and in how we lived.

In Chapter 7, as the Israelites stand on the verge of entering into the Promised Land, they were reminded that they are a holy people to the Lord, who chose them for his treasured possession. God will clear seven nations from the land, by allowing the Israelites to defeat them all for complete destruction.

God speaks to their fear:

“You shall not be in dread of them, for the LORD your God is in your midst, a great and awesome God.” Deuteronomy 7:21

This is comforting to me. God is the same, yesterday and forever. He is a great and awesome God, and yes, he is also a jealous God. Like the Israelites who he brought out of Egypt, believers are no longer our own. We have been bought with a price, and owe complete obedience and love to him.

Let’s read the Book!


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