What I Read Today…

Daily Bible Reading for March 19, 2020

Today my Bible reading plan covers Deuteronomy, Chapters 24-27.  In it, Moses completes his address to the Israelites detailing laws that cover various circumstances.

In Chapter 24, God’s compassion, graciousness, kindness, and mercy are seen in the various laws he gives that governs the Israelites.

For instance, when a man gets married, he is not required to serve in any public duty, like the army. His first year is to be spent being happy with his new wife.  Another example of God’s goodness is seen in the law regarding a loan to the poor in which he provides collateral, the lender shall return his collateral.

And lastly, God’s kindness and him being a good provider is shown in verses 21-22:

“When you gather the grapes of your vineyard, you shall not strip it afterward. It shall be for the sojourner, the fatherless, and the widow. You shall remember that you were a slave in the land of Egypt;…”

In Chapter 25, God’s righteousness and justice are seen in the laws that were to govern the Israelites, as Moses continues his address.  God commands that they be honest and fair.

Specifically, this command for fairness is seen in verse 16:

“For all who do such things, all who act dishonestly, are an abomination to the LORD your God.”

In Chapter 26, Moses ends his address with words that sound much like marriage vows. In essence, it is a covenant between the people of Israel and their God.

“You have declared today that the LORD is your God, and that you will walk in his ways, and keep his statutes and his commandments and his rules, and will obey his voice. And the LORD has declared today that you are a people for his treasured possession, as he has promised you, and that you are to keep all his commandments, and that he will set you in praise and in fame and in honor high above all nations that he has made, and that you shall be a people holy to the LORD your God, as he promised.” Deuteronomy 26:17-19

In Chapter 27, Moses instructs the Israelites that once they enter into the land, they are to set up a memorial on which they will write all the laws upon it.

One key verse in this chapter is:

“Keep silence and hear, O Israel: this day you have become the  people of the LORD your God.” Deuteronomy 27:9b

As a believer in this Great God, I find much comfort and responsibility.

Let’s read the Book!



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