I Am A Horrible Rider!


At least I can admit it. This meme is one my daughter posted on Facebook sometime ago. It actually is true to life. This is actually me when she drives. But actually, it’s me, maybe not as animated when I am the rider with anyone. Why is that?

CONTROL. I like control. Don’t you? It’s just so much different when you’re in the driver’s seat. You know how much time to allow for a stop. You know when to slow down when traveling at a high rate of speed and approach a curve. You know which way is the best path to your destination. You know to anticipate other driver’s unpredictable moves. After all, they taught us how to be defensive drivers, right?

So why does it feel different when I am not behind the wheel?  Don’t I know that the driver has those same instincts? No, actually, I don’t think that they do. I know better. Only I really don’t.

What a perfect picture of life, isn’t it? We are never in complete control. So many things happen to us that had we been in charge, would not have happened. Thank God, he knows what hes’ doing.  His ultimate aim is to make me look more like him, to make me godly, and to do that he must orchestrates the trials of life to shape me, to burn off my ugly sin, my tendencies to trust myself, rather than him.

It has taken me a long time to finally surrender to that, but having done that, life is so much easier. Do I still step on the brakes? Brace myself for sudden stops? Give directions? Tempted to tell my husband which way to go, even home? Yes, but I do it much less now. God is showing me, I must yield to him. Trust him. Depend on him.  In that, I’m learning to be less of a horrible rider.

Blessed is the man who trusteth in the LORD, and whose hope the LORD is. Jeremiah 17:7 KJV





6 thoughts on “I Am A Horrible Rider!

    1. I totally agree that we must have self-control. That is a fruit of the Spirit. But self-control is different than wanting to be in control. I believe that God is teaching me to yield to him, die to self, and trust him.


  1. Your husband and I should take you and my wife out to dinner and let you both be backseat drivers! We might speed to dinner! I’m doing better as a passenger but still get anxious on two lane roads where cars are whizzing in opposite directions within inches of one another ! Love your honest writing and humor!

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    1. No, No, No! I don’t think I’ve completed the “yield control” course yet! Haha! But maybe one day, I’ll be totally oblivious to what’s going on on the road. Work in Progress still…


  2. HA! HA! I am a horrible rider. I have taught 4 kids to drive. I don’t know if I can stop that reflex. My face just fixes itself that way when I get in the car. LOL! But, I can stop the desire to tell my husband which way to go. I do it way less, but it still bugs me when he turns right when I would have turned left. : ) My problem is remember who’s really in control. Thanks for the reminder. (I hate it when I read something that convicts me!)

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