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Why I Love My Church


This is a picture of the church I attend just after an evening service.  I love my church because we are a people by the book. The book is the Bible which is preached book by book, chapter by chapter, verse by verse so that we receive the whole counsel of God.

Our elders (pastors) are ever learning students of the word. They take the word of God seriously, and seek to expound each verse in the context of the passage, and then bring application to bear upon us. They take responsibility for being pastors seriously, knowing that they are accountable to God.

I love my church because we strive to order our lives by the book through the means of grace laid out in scripture with regular church attendance, a plurality of elders, church membership, church discipline, corporate praying and fellowship.  Baptism is limited to those who profess faith in Jesus Christ as Savior. The Lord’s Supper is for believers in good standing in a Bible-believing church.

I have been personally amazed through the testimonies of young and old sharing and confessing how God rescued them, made them to recognize their sin and need for a Savior. It’s really been amazing that so many young people emphasize that they grew up in Christian homes where the scriptures were read and taught in the home. God is working in individual homes through parents! Parents, your work is not in vain!

We live out our commitment to one another by supporting each other in prayer, and meeting needs. We coordinate providing meals for new moms and dads, and for those who are sick. We share our cars by providing transportation for our elderly.

We sing! Yes, the whole congregation sings old hymns and contemporary hymns, all solidly scriptural, God-centered, that evokes both praise to God and humbles me at my core.

These are just a few reasons why I love my church. I elaborate on specifics in So, What is a Reformed Baptist Church and Why I Joined One.  I am glad that we are not the only church where the uncompromised word of God is preached and taught. I am glad that God is building his church all over to people his kingdom from every nation, tribe and tongue.