Daily Archives: May 25, 2016

Exit Stage Left Mr. Sanders!

Bernie Sanders really expects Hillary Clinton to adopt his positions, which moves the Democratic party more to the left. Is that where the Democratic party want to go? I don’t think so!

Mrs. Clinton recognizes that as President, should she obtain the position, that she would have to work with both parties. Being the President requires you work with the Congress. So, why is Mr. Sanders making promises that will certainly not be embraced by both parties?

Mr. Sanders says his movement is a revolution. He believes that the will of the people can force Congress to move in the direction they want to go? In concept, I get it, but does he  really believe the majority of the electorate want to live in a socialist country? Check out Politico’s Why Democrats Should Beware Sanders’ Socialism.

Yes, free college tuition sounds good, but at what cost? Would there be a criteria for entrance into the colleges? For I imagine free college tuition may limit capacity, and resort to some sort of lottery system, postponing higher education for many.  Furthermore, what would it do to the private institutions?

Raise the federal minimum wage to $15.00 an hour, he proposes. How would that impact small businesses? Wouldn’t the mandatory increase in the minimum wage eliminate jobs? What about the mandatory paid family and medical leave? What impact would that have on small businesses?

Exit stage left Mr. Sanders!

Thanks for allowing me to rant…