Keep it Burning!

Daily Prompt: Burn

How do you keep the love going year after year after year? This past week  I was listening to a sermon on Reformation Network to a minister who was describing that when people ask him what do they like to do as a couple, he responds “nothing”.

He goes on to explain that he just like being with his wife, listening to his wife and is still fascinated that after 30+ years (I don’t remember the number), he is still learning things about her.


To him, it wasn’t about doing, it was about being; being together. Husbands and wives bring their “differentness” to marriages. Worlds collide in a wonderful way, but it definitely takes some getting used to, dying to self too.  Ruth Graham has once said, “If two people agree on everything, one of them is unnecessary.” The Bible describes it like iron sharpening iron.

So while the world is trying to blur the lines, maintain your differences. Don’t assimilate.

That’s how to keep the fire burning.




6 thoughts on “Keep it Burning!

  1. I once heard about a man who announced at his wedding reception, that he would be making the critical decisions in the marriage. Years later at a party, someone asked, ” so, how many decisions have you made?” His reply: “not one, yet”

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