What’s Forbidden?

What do you consider to be  Forbidden?   We all have rules, places, and things that we dare not tread for we either believe it is forbidden, or that it will take us to a place we don’t want to go.

As a Christian, when I was growing up dancing and playing cards were forbidden. I clearly remember when my two older Aunts, Christian Aunts would come over and if were dancing, the music would immediately be turned off. That was funny. I think that we were more scared of them than God.

As I grew older drinking was forbidden. Participating in any of these things used to be an indicator that you were not Christian, and might have labeled you as a hypocrite. Even the wearing of pants, or make-up was an indicator. But we know those are signs of will-worship also now deemed as legalism, as Colossians 3:14-23 clearly states.

As I have grown, and have been more engaged in studying the Bible for myself, I have learned that in Christ we do have liberty in things that do not violate God’s Ten Commandments, but our liberty must never be exercised where it:

  1. Causes us to sin or
  2. Offends or causes another believer to sin

So how does that work? Let’s agree that drinking itself is not a sin, but for # 1 – if I drink and it leads to drunkenness, it is a sin, or #2 If I drink and a believer who believes drinking is a sin, and I drink in front of them exercising my liberty, one) I cause them to second guess my authenticity as Christian, or give I encourage them to drink, and even though they think it’s a sin and do indulge, it is sin.

Outside of the 10 Commandments, there may be some things that are forbidden for some and not for others. This means that we ought to be careful in judging, and do so with grace.


Response to the Daily Prompt: Forbidden







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