My Personal Testimony

I am sharing with you my testimony that I gave earlier this year. To become a member of my new church, I had to be able to share the work of God in my life. My testimony had to also include the gospel. I hope you find it helpful.


8 thoughts on “My Personal Testimony

  1. Barbara,

    What a testimony! I, too, felt that power in my 20’s when my husband and I left the traditional black church in search of the Word. We never looked back.

    Since then, we have attended Bible teaching churches-Evangelical Free, Baptist, Non-Denominational. We go where we believe the Word is being taught. (And, I so miss the music!) : ) But, I will not trade music for my soul. I will attend any church–no matter what color people– where Jesus is the head and the word is apparent in people’s lives.

    I am so glad I got to hear your voice. You are soft spoken. Your posts are fiery and robust. I was surprised at the softness of your voice.

    I am glad you have found a home.

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