Feeling Not So Pretty

Remember when I posted that I was going natural. I was excited and apprehensive because I had to cut my hair. Check out my previous post – I’m Going Natural!.

Since then, I have viewed many YouTube clips, purchased and tried many products, causing my husband to wonder – what is all this spread over our bathroom counter? Fortunately, he is complimentary regardless how my hair looks. I think it’s because he’s being safe, but I’m okay with it.

So right now, I don’t feel pretty. Actually, I really feel ugly. I know this will pass once my hair grows out. A woman’s hair is supposed to be her glory, says the Bible, and I am a long, long way from that.

However, I do absolutely love the feel of my natural hair in my fingers. It makes me appreciate God’s creativity. Now, if I can just get past this “ugly phase”.


12 thoughts on “Feeling Not So Pretty

  1. I think a lot of black women struggle with feeling “ugly” when seeing their natural hair. I personally believe that it is because the white ideal of beauty has been forced upon us for so long. If it isn’t straight it isn’t beautiful or the lighter the better are all deeply engrained feelings that a lot of black women and men have to come terms with. It’s hard to let go of, in my case 37 years, of brain washing.

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    1. Actually, I just feel like I am going through the “ugly” phase or the “in-between” phase. I have also had it with my hair straight. I am embracing the feel of it. In fact, as I sit watching TV, I find my hand in my hair loving how it feels in my fingers. But it is also true, as you say, society has taught us (brain washed us) that European beauty is the only beauty. I do not believe that at all. True beauty can be found in all ethnicities. It is not limited to one. I believe that is exactly the way God designed us. Thanks so much for reading my post!

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  2. Your beauty shines from within and yes, you are beautiful on the outside especially for going natural, back to the origin, the image that is really you. It is not easy and quick to go natural. I did it too years ago and wow, what a freedom to be me, natural me. Stay focused, it will get to look so good and feel wonderful.

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    1. You can. If I can do it, anybody can. My daughter never thought that I would do it. I’m just waiting for my hair to grow back. It usually grows pretty fast. It’s only been 2 months. I cut it July 18th.


  3. You are beautiful and wonderfully made! You are beautiful this minute and you will be beautiful tomorrow and every day after that! I wish I could give you a hug of support right now, but this comment will have to do. Hugs n blessings!

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