Faded, now that’s a perfect description of me in my blogging activity. I am so sorry. I haven’t been reading your posts, nor writing. I’d like to blame it on the busyness of the Thanksgiving holiday because that really was the reason. There was a whole lot of preparing going on, plus we had a wonderful Feast of Gratitude at my church, of which I took a part in not only preparing one of the many dressings, but also assembling a choir for our program to sing Total Praise by Richard Smallwood.

So yes, I had momentarily faded from the scene. Fatigue doesn’t even begin to describe it.

But tomorrow is a new day, a new month and I will aim to put out a minimum of 4 posts not including Daily Prompts.

I hope all is well!


6 thoughts on “Faded

  1. What a blessing you are for your church family and to us! Scripture tells us about rest which allows us to continue! Don’t put pressure on yourself to meet deadlines blogging….you will ” know” when it is time to write. Thank you for sharing your walk of faith!


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