Daily Archives: August 17, 2017

Harmony is Beautiful

Are you friends with anyone that doesn’t look like you? It’s easy to have work friends of another ethnicity, but how about outside of the workplace? One you see on a regular basis, or speak to frequently outside of work or church?

Five days a week, I drive to a park about 3 miles away from my home to do my 4-mile walk. Frequently, I have been seeing two gentlemen, one black, one white doing their morning walk. The first time I saw them, it really gave me a good feeling. I wondered  whether they are neighbors. I assumed they are both retired. What do they talk about? Do they talk about family? Politics?

Anyway, why does this give me such a good feeling?  Mmmmm. I guess it’s because it is something that I am not used to seeing; especially men their age. Also, I think it is also because I long to see our barriers torn down. After all, in heaven we will all be around the throne. There won’t be sections. We’ll be blended together, a rainbow of color praising Jesus, our Redeemer.

So today, while on my walk I captured harmony. I wanted to ask them questions, but not today.

Let’s reach out! The more we learn about each other, the more we learn we are the same.