Daily Archives: December 31, 2018

My Year in Review

As I say goodbye to 2018, I reflected this morning by looking at my prayer/Bible  journal,  seeing while I do see God’s faithfulness in molding, conforming me to the image of his Son, which I recognize is a lifelong process, much of what I am seeking, and praying to God for, will continue into this new year, 2019.

This year I sought to grow spiritually, deepening my knowledge of God, and an even deeper growing affection for the Lord, as I stand in awe of what he’s done for me through Christ.

To aid me in my growing knowledge, besides my regular attendance with the saints of God in church, I participated in an in-depth Bible Study Methods class. This class lasted a few months and was intense. I felt as if I was in a college course.

I participated in our church’s scripture memorization of Colossians. Yes, the whole book of Colossians. To me, unheard of, memorizing whole books. Fortunately, a few ladies at my church were beginning to memorize the book of James. I did memorize the first chapter of James, then went on to Colossians. So far, I have memorized chapters 1 and 2. I am currently on Chapter 3. I have memorized verses 1-15.

I served as a speaker for our church’s Ladies Retreat, which required preparation of four lessons. Our theme was Ladies Grab Your Mirror! Looking To Become a True Reflection of Christ, based on 2 Corinthians 3:18. This, while stressful, was extremely rewarding to me to see God help me as I depended on him through prayer.

Today, I completed my first half of the McCheyne’s 2-Year Bible Reading Plan. Following plans in the past was not successful for me, but this time in my life it is working. I love reading through the Bible. I really enjoy reading the Old Testament seeing how God’s love and patience is displayed along with his matchless wisdom. I see God’s sovereignty all through it.

Completing three books were a real feat for me because I usually have more than one I am reading, but this year I managed to start and complete The Vanishing Conscience, by John MacArthur, Mortification of Sin by John Owen, and I finally completed Shadow of the Almighty by Elisabeth Elliot.

I decided to go gray this year. Yayyyy! It was going well, I got my hair cut to speed it up, and then I really began to struggle with it. So, guess what? I gave up! I ordered my Madison Reed dye box and well… I was back to black! My hair has been a real journey.

Walking away from my political party which comprised my whole voting life was huge! I talk about this experience in Leaving and Cutting My Ties Was Freeing.

This year I continued with my only physical activity of brisk walking, but sometime after doing 4-milers for years, someone from my church challenged me to step it up to 5. So I did. But as quickly as I got comfortable in my 5-miler routine, I was challenged again, and I bumped it up to doing 6-milers now five days a week. I regularly post my walks on Facebook.

We did a first time family vacation at Clear Lake with my children and their families. This is something my husband and I would like to do again.

My daughter treated me to a Stevie Wonder concert in Las Vegas. It was a fun mother/daughter trip. I actually was afraid that given he’s getting older, that his performance wouldn’t be up to par, but he was great!

This year has been a true journey. There have been many ups, but there were also crying out moments to God for help. My faith is still strong, because I know in whom I believe. I believe in the one who is Creator God and he reigns over all things, so I never need to fear my future. I am his child. He is watching over me, and will see to it that I complete this journey.

So, I close out this year, grateful.