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This Is Not A Dress Rehearsal

We only have one life to live, and we only get one shot at it. There is no dress rehearsal before you get to do it for real. This is it. We must get it right now. We do have a written guide to ensure that we do, and that is the Bible, the Holy Bible.

Some have referred to it as Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth. The Bible does instruct and point us to how to live this life, and points to the one and only person in whom we may find salvation, and that person is Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ is our Redeemer, and our Savior.

You ask, why do I need a Savior? You think that your good works will be enough? The reason that you and I need a Savior is because the God who created us in his image expects us to walk holy before him, to be without sin, to be perfect as he is perfect.

Try as we might, we cannot do it. We are all born dead; spiritually, that is. Because of the sin of our fore-parents, Adam and Eve, we are born as sinners unable to live without sin. The Bible tells us in Romans 6:23 that the wages of sin is death.

We try, but we fail. Only one has been able to live a sinless life, and he became our Redeemer and Savior because he lived perfectly before God in the flesh, and sacrificed his life by being crucified on a cross to pay our sin debt in full, reconciling us back to the Father through faith.

So while in life, we may have many opportunities to practice for various things in life such as hiring interviews, a race, giving a speech or a competition of many sorts, there are no dress rehearsals for life. This is it. How we live now will determine where we will spend eternity, in heaven or hell.

I know some of you may not care what happens after you die. You believe that when you die, it’s over. Well, whether you care or not now; on that day, you will definitely care. You will ponder your decision to live without Christ, then.

So, rather than having the “que sera sera” “what ever will be, will be” attitude, remember that this is not a dress rehearsal. This is it.