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What I Read Today…

After writing my last post, I have decided to create this daily post in which I will share just one or two things that I saw from my daily Bible reading. I will not be retelling or explaining the text. Hopefully, that will prompt you to read it.

I will aim to be transparent and hope to not have this post change my reading in order to post.  Before I read, I usually ask God to open my eyes to see, and his Spirit causes me to see, believe, and embrace his word. I must confess that I do not always understand fully what I read and for certain, do not grasp all that is there to grasp, but at a later time, the Spirit will allow me to understand it or see something I did not see before.  This is a journey in getting to know the God of the Bible, his Son, Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit.

I am currently in the book of Numbers. As things go, because I missed my reading yesterday, I had to combine yesterday’s and today’s reading; however, this post is only from the reading assigned today according to my Chronological Bible Reading Plan.

Today’s reading was Numbers, Chapters 33 and 34.

From Chapter 33, I see that God is a God of preserving history, and he knows how easily man gets tripped up, so he provides guardrails.  That reminded me of Psalm 103:14

For he knows our frame; he remembers that we are dust.

From Chapter 34, not only do I see that God is a Promise-Keeper, he is a God of order and specificity, and he knows our names.

Let’s read the Book!