What Happened To Patriotism?

A few years ago, all the talk from the politicians was about patriotism. I believe it was when the senator from Chicago was running for President. He did win the election making history as the first African-American United States President. I went to the Inauguration. The excitement among all the people was palpable. Every ethnicity was represented there. Yes, I was happy because it was hard fought. He was smeared, lambasted, second-guessed as a U.S. citizen. His wife was criticized for saying that this was the first time she was proud to be an American.

What happened to Patriotism? Patriotism seemed to be the banner for the Republicans of 2008. I haven’t really heard the word at all since President Barack Obama has been office. What I have seen is blatant disrespect at a level I have not witnessed before.

Now, I’ve said up front that I am a Conservative Democrat. I am Pro Life. I believe because I am a Christian and the Bible is my guide for life, that marriage is ordained by God between a man and a woman. Although, I have never owned a gun, I believe that we have a right to possess arms.

What is patriotism? Love of country? Wanting the best for your country? Wanting to see your country succeed? Wanting your leader, your President to succeed? Oh no, have I gone too far?  I think I may have, because I remember when President Obama took office the republicans’ pledge was to do everything to stop, kill, slow down President Obama’s agenda. In fact, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell was determined to make President Obama a one-term president.

Now, I know we have our preferences, which is why we go to the polls to make our votes count, but I don’t think wanting see our U.S. President fail is patriotic. I was appalled when President Obama was giving a speech on health care and a Republican House Member shouted “you lie”. I would have felt the same had it been a Republican president. At minimum, I would believe one would respect the office.

So, I sit here watching the politics on TV and am just flabbergasted at how I hear different republican politicians, presidential candidates, and pundits talk about the President. I hear over and over let’s take our country back. Who has it? Are we not all Americans?

I didn’t vote for President George W. Bush, but for me to want him to fail, would mean we fail. America fails.

Again I ask, what happened to patriotism? Does patriotism only count when the person for whom we voted is in office? So then, it is not about love of country, right?






7 thoughts on “What Happened To Patriotism?

  1. I love your honest passion! We have divided ourselves so, that it’s me against you, us against them, everywhere we look. While I did not vote for our current President, and I disagree strongly with many of his policies, he is still MY President. He is a man, who chose to give up a normal life, and take on the burden of his country. He deserves my prayers, my encouragement, and my respect. I can do that without agreeing with him and tearing him apart. It scares me the direction our country is headed. We have no one to blame but ourselves. Until we as a county seek God’s mercy and guidance we will not heal. Republicans, Democrats need to come together and remember we are ALL in this together. Too many people wanting to point fingers, but not willing to do the work it takes to unite us.


  2. Since Obama took office I’ve often felt the same as you. Hearing his detractors state that they were, will be and have been actively trying to make him fail has truly shown what they think of the country they so frequently, visibly and vocally claim to love. They have been treasonous and traitorous in their stated and enacted agenda to make him fail. For how he goes,there by goes the nation. And if you say that’s not what they meant there is no way they didn’t mean it. They are career politicians and know how it is mostly all interlinked. We were and are blessed that he was and is such a strong leader. I for one, and very happy with my choice 4 and 8 yrs ago when I voted for him. For the decriers your opportunity is fast approaching to put the person in the post that you feel can do even more for our nation’s future. So go vote for Trump, go vote for Hilary just go vote. But when they are not perfect, solve all the world’s ills and cure cancer in the first three months of their term, as well as not doing everything they promised you to get your vote don’t be upset when someone shouts from the floor during their address Lier. Because as we’ve been shown in the last 8 years by all in the government who have actively sought to make this country fail its not about doing what’s best for the country by all involved. It’s not about patriotism.


    1. I do see you do have a strong opinion on this too. It really saddens me. None of us are perfect regardless who is placed in office, but it is ours to pray for them. Praying for them is to pray for us, our country’s best interest. Thanks for responding so passionately.


    1. It seems important to remember that WordPress is not limited to one country, it is global. Love your country? Sure! but love your planet first. Injustice is everywhere. Patriotism here, is bound to make an enemy there. Wherever.
      “Love thy neighbour as thyself and do unto others as you would have done unto you”? Does not appear to have patriotism built into the statement.

      Once more, thanks! Cheers Jamie.


      1. I understand that it is not limited to just the US, however, this is where I live, so I am most familiar with the problems at home. But thanks, perhaps, I will make sure I qualify what it is I am referring to the next time, or broaden. I saw it as me speaking about what happened in my house.

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