Daily Prompt: Orderly

Exactly one year ago, on the 5th Sunday in May my life was upended, no longer set, predictable. I left my church. I was the only one. No one followed me.

I took this major step because I was hungry, and that had been the subject of my very first blog post, Why Sit Here Until We Die?  Since I have been at my new church one year now, my whole life has been enriched with regular intake of the uncompromised gospel, teaching of sound doctrine, provoked to good deeds, confession of sin and appreciation of the Sovereignty of God.

While last year my world seemed to be upended, it now feels purposefully ordered, safe.

The steps of a good man are ordered by the Lord, And he delights in his way. Proverbs 37:23 KJV

I am convinced that God’s hand of Providence ordained this move in my life.

Thank you Father for your Providence.

7 thoughts on “Upended

  1. Sometimes leaving is a hard thing to do, but when we know we are following the promptings of the Spirit, we find much reward. Glad to hear you’ve had a great year.

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      1. I’m both. Sorry if it’s confusing. My main blog is my amseaman one, but I recently started the prompt and circumstance (promptpress.wordpress.com) blog solely to reply to the daily prompts.

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      2. That’s funny. I was going to do that too and actually tried to because I did not want the Daily Prompts detracting from my blog’s main purpose. So, I now delete my Daily Prompts after a few days.


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