Almost Became A Republican

I have been a Democrat, a Conservative Democrat all of my adult life. To my knowledge, everyone in my family are also Democrats. However, recently I have had to evaluate why I align with this party.

The reason I have had to evaluate this is because I am a Christian, and the Bible frames my worldview. I am most certainly Pro-Life, but my Pro-Life position is not limited to  abortion. I am also Pro-Life for those living among us that are  poor, and/or disenfranchised by policies and systems that tend to leave them out, or not take them into account because they are invisible to the policy makers.

But recent Supreme Court decisions have caused me to re-evaluate my lifelong commitment to the Democratic party; although I still agree with many of the party’s positions. I was disheartened when President Obama shifted his previous long-held position on marriage being reserved between a man and a woman.  In fact, most people also held that position even while being pushed and conceding with civil unions. In 2008, California used Proposition 8 to vote against same-sex marriage. But here we are. The U. S. Supreme Court has ruled in favor of same-sex marriage.

So this political season, I recognized like I haven’t before how critical the appointments to the U.S. Supreme Court is. I don’t want someone in office that can totally dismantle what was once held as non-negotiables like marriage, what constitutes your sex, and bathroom you should use.

That’s when I found myself rooting for Ohio Governor John Kasich. Yes, I was going to vote Republican. I liked that Mr. Kasich’s experience as Governor, as a U.S. Congressman, his temperament, and his positions on moral issues more closely aligned with mine. But you know where that ended.

I absolutely cannot, will not vote for Donald Trump. It doesn’t matter how he identifies himself. He is totally unqualified. He is narcissistic, unprepared, not temperate and appeals to the ugly of our natures. I thought about Gary Johnson, but his moral positions are no different than those of Hillary Clinton.

What a quandary I find myself in, but I know that I am not alone, am I?




8 thoughts on “Almost Became A Republican

  1. I left the democratic party back in the 80’s over the abortion issue. I will vote for Donald Trump because the Supreme Court appointments are supremely important to me.

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      1. I take comfort in two things: 1. He succeeded in business by surrounding himself with talented, knowledgeable, prepared people and from what I’ve read/heard, he plans to do the same in office. 2. God is ultimately in control.

        Lord knows our Washington pipes need some serious unclogging, perhaps Trump is the tool He’s going to use.

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      2. Yes my comfort rests in God in control because Trump has been known to swindle many in his business dealings because he is all about himself. He thinks he knows it all. He said that he knows more than the generals. A wise man recognizes his limitations, and that is what scares me about Trump. He knows it all. But we live in a country that we get to exercise our best judgment. So, we both look to God as the one who will determine who will succeed. It will all be for his glory in some way. Thanks Julie for this interchange on a topic most would not dare.

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  2. Hello, Barbara. We had a nice interchange of views here previously. (I hope you’re enjoying going “natural”.) I do understand your quandary. You have no obligation to vote for any individual who does not meet enough of your requirements, who you can not proactively support. People died to grant you and I this freedom to act in voting, according to our consciences. Winning shouldn’t really enter into it, unless you see yourself as more pragmatist than Christian. There are other candidates (such as Jill Stein), and you can write in Kasich if you still feel as you did about him. Do whatever you think is right.

    There’s a mathematical/statistical angle to it all as well. Voting for President and VP is not a popular vote contest, as state and local elections are. Unless you happen to live in one of the 10-12 “swing” states, it doesn’t ultimately matter who you (as an individual) vote for at the top of the ticket. 4/5 of the states will be granting their Electoral College votes to whichever major party nominee they have for decades. I live in WA, bluest of blue states. I could vote Clinton, Trump, write in “Donald Duck” or stay home, and Mrs. Clinton will still get my state’s 12 votes. I may just skip the top box entirely and vote for the local school board candidates, judges, county offices and changes in laws. Every vote matters on those.

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