What’s Wrong With Us?

Since when does being told to vote your conscience a bad thing? Isn’t that we what we are supposed to do?

Last night at the RNC Convention, as Senator Ted Cruz was ending his speech, he encouraged voters to vote their conscience and was booed. What was so wrong with that?

Of course with him speaking at the convention, the expectation was that he would endorse the Republican Presidential Nominee, Donald Trump. But couldn’t voting your conscience land you on voting for Donald Trump?

I have also seen a video clip of a woman holding a  No Racism No Hate sign at the convention, and people around her were obviously upset at her sign, and tried to cover it up with an American flag. Aren’t we for No Hate No Racism?


What is wrong with us? We need to lose this mob mentality. We don’t think clearly, nor process facts in the mob mentality. We just jump on the bandwagon. Remember it was a mob that made a very critical choice just over two thousand years ago when the mob chose a murderer to be released instead of the one for whom no fault could be found.

Next week, it will be the Democratic Convention. I hope that it is better, less dark, more hopeful, and visionary.

Just so you know, I was really hoping for John Kasich. Personally, my conscience won’t allow me to vote for Mr. Trump based on what his candidacy has shown.







8 thoughts on “What’s Wrong With Us?

  1. Right there with you. The GOP Convention gave me chills (and not the good kind). The party of Lincoln? His eloquent words would pierce them. The “Christian Party”? What has happened that the GOP has strayed so far from that association? I don’t even know what much of their platform is because I’m blinded by the angry and hateful rhetoric. “Lock her up!” I had to keep looking away as Laura Ingram boomed from the podium as her cross necklace reflected the spotlight beams. True evangelicals need to rise up. They need to rise up and produce leaders who have read the Bible and know the love of Jesus. We need rhetoric to match our faith. We need polices that serve as a witness to Jesus. I will have similar concerns I am sure about the Democratic Convention, but the GOP feels like the House Un-American Activities Committee or Joseph McCarthy Subcommittee hearings. Very chilling.

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  2. Amen to losing the mob mentality. I fear the news media fosters this, with the sound bytes and quick videos. I try to read the perspective of each side but it is difficult to know what that actually is. We must continue to pray!

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