Lock Her Up?

That was the chant we kept hearing at the RNC Convention this past week about Hillary Clinton. Prison should be her punishment says the people of the Republican party. Why?

The reason for this punishment and disdain is because she used her private email account to conduct government business using a private server. Although the FBI Director has concluded that there was no crime, he did conclude that conducting government business on a private server was extremely careless.

However, it has been reported that both prior Secretaries of State, Colin Powell and Condoleezza Rice, also used their private email accounts to conduct government business. But that’s not the point, is it?

Please know that I am not here to promote Hillary for President, but I would like us to consider whether there is anyone that could stand up to scrutiny? Aren’t we all flawed?

Case in point, everyone likes Joe Biden, but even he was accused of plagiarism. We love President John F. Kennedy, and yet we heard stories about infidelity.

What punishment would be appropriate for a leader of a nation who sees another man’s wife, and takes her, committing adultery while her husband is away at war? When the leader learns that the man’s wife has become pregnant with his child, he arranges to have her husband killed on the front line.

Yes we want leaders who have integrity. Of course we do. I just believe that we all have to look at ourselves and recognize we are all fallible. What punishment do we deserve?

Just a thought on our Daily Prompt word for the day.





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