Get A Backbone DNC!

Why, oh why would the DNC, the Democratic National Convention allow someone who has not been affiliated with its party to reframe their party platform? Yes, I am talking about Bernie Sanders. He is complaining about the system being rigged for Hillary Clinton, the establishment, but at least Mrs. Clinton has been with the party.

Mr. Sanders is only using the Democratic party as an avenue to the presidency. Mr. Sanders is the longest serving independent serving in the Congress. What is an independent? One who is not committed to either party affiliation. So, after this election will he remain with the Democratic party? Why is the DNC even considering up anything to give him as an appeasement? Yes, he’s has a huge following, but it very well may be that most that are following him are like him independents, and some who don’t really know what positions he really proffers, nor the likely success of those positions.

This is actually an American problem. We so want to be fair and inclusive that at times we open the door to accept anything and everything while doing so diminishes the original purpose or design.

Get a backbone DNC! Know what you stand for or you will wind up falling for anything.

Just a quick ranting…


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