Daily Archives: June 3, 2016

You Either Are or You Aren’t

I believe that you can only be what you are. I am amazed that I keep hearing the pundits say if only Donald Trump would pivot and act more presidential. What do we want an actor? You either have leadership capabilities or you don’t. Sure one could act, but is that what we want for the person elected to be the President of the United States, an actor? If so, why not call Morgan Freeman or Tony Goldwyn.

Mr. Trump is being himself. He is a perfect picture of a school yard bully. It’s all he knows. His vocabulary is not very sophisticated.  Several have reported that he speaks at a grammar school level, including Newsweek and Politico.

I personally think that his family or someone close to him should remove him from the stage. You know how it is when we see some young celebrity seemingly throwing themselves down a path that is damaging, and we all hope and expect that those who love them would step in to rescue them. Well, someone who loves Mr. Trump needs to rescue him from this fiasco he’s creating. He is becoming a montage of  zaniness. That’s not what we want for a president.

Yesterday, in response to Hillary Clinton’s foreign policy speech he was sweating profusely, much like he once accused Marco Rubio. Is he okay?

Mr. Trump obviously has a proven success record in real estate. But as I’ve stated before the skills it takes to reach that level of success does not necessarily transfer to skills needed to be the leader of a nation.

I admire that Mr. Trump will not let anyone put a jacket on him that he doesn’t want to wear. He wants to be himself. Let him be, but just not the leader of the United States of America. He is not qualified.