Daily Archives: June 25, 2016

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Daily Prompt: Prophecy

Today’s Daily Prompt word is a rather unique choice, but interesting given what I have been studying lately.

Many prophecies in the Old Testament have already been fulfilled with the coming of Jesus Christ, but there are still prophecies yet to be fulfilled. Eschatology, a word that I am just becoming familiar with since I have been at my new church, is the study of what the Bible says about what’s going to happen in the end times. It is also referred to as the “last things”.

Many of us have heard about one the rapture prophecy, when all Christians will be caught up in the air to meet the Lord. What is not known is whether the prophecy of the great tribulation will take place first, or whether Christians will escape the tribulation.

There is a book series called just that – Left Behind, and several movies depicting the rapture showing people having disappeared either while driving, flying a plane; leaving those left behind trying to figure out what happened.

Because I am relative beginner in this area of biblical study, I have started with reading a book recommended by members of my church by Anthony A. Hoekema – The Bible and the Future.