Daily Archives: June 15, 2016

I’m Going Natural!

This post can probably only be appreciated by African-American women, but then it could be appreciated by all women. When I say that I am going  Natural, I mean that I am choosing to embrace my hair in its natural state. I am accepting my natural curl pattern  versus using a relaxer to straighten and remove the curl. I have had a perm since I was 11 years old, so to reach this phase is major for me. I’ve put away my flat iron, and am avoiding any direct heat to my hair like the blow dryer.

But it is definitely more than a notion! I have purchased so many products that are meant to help my journey in embracing my hair. At some point I will figure out just what works for me.

Some women do the big chop, cutting off all the relaxed hair, but I didn’t. I am transitioning into my natural phase in order to keep my length by clipping my ends little by little until finally, it’s all natural.

I almost gave up once, and pulled out the flat iron, but I am now committed to my journey.

I’m going natural!

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