What’s the Argument for Supporting Trump?

I have written  many posts on why I don’t see Donald J. Trump as our potential  president. You can view those on my site, but they are too many to list. But my point now is what is the argument for continual support of Donald Trump, given his recent statement on the Central Park Five, although, the evidence exonerated the five teenage boys who are now men after having served up to 13 years for a crime they did not commit, and television’s Access Hollywood program video tape of the lewd comments?

How can one continue to support him? What’s the argument? Is it that he is the sure fire way to reshape the Supreme Court? Can he be trusted to do that? What gives the confidence that he would in fact do so?

Is it because of his business acumen that one believes he can transfer those same skills to become the leader of the free world? What has he done as a businessman that supports that, the ability to use the bankruptcy laws and the tax laws to crawl out from misfortune? Hasn’t he had multiple business failures, Trump University, Trump steaks, Trump water, Trump casinos, Trump vodka, Trump Airlines? What about that points to success?

What about the vendors he leaves in the dust without paying? Isn’t integrity a key ingredient for someone who wishes to be the president?

Are any perfect? No. Mr. Trump admits he never claimed to be perfect it in his forced apology to “this more than a decade-old video” that he refers to as a distraction. Of course it is only my opinion that I believe his apology was forced. When one is sincere in apologizing, they only recognize their wrong, and not point out the wrong of others. Remorse usually accompanies the apology.

Again, this is not a post recommending any other candidate. I’ve made that clear in other posts. I am just really disappointed. Really disappointed.

The Bible says:

…For there is no power but of God; the powers that be are ordained of God. Romans 13:1b

But God is the judge; he putteth down one, and setteth up another. Psalm 75:7

God’s Word speaks for itself.

I don’t know what’s going to happen. Although, Mr. Trump defiantly says that he won’t quit, I believe that he will, but only God knows.


15 thoughts on “What’s the Argument for Supporting Trump?

  1. As my pastor just said this morning; ” I am sad for our nation, but I have news for you, Hilary won’t save America and Trump won’t save America. Jesus Christ and the Holy Ghost will save America”. He preached Daniel 9 on how to pray for our nation. It was a great convicting message. Thanks for your post 🙂

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  2. Neither candidate is worthy of our support. The Clintons have used the same tax law as trump and had a failed white water where 19 of their partners went to jail. Trump has 500 companies and 4 bankruptcies which gives him a 98 percent success rate. He has a foul mouth and bombastic attitude. Heard what Hillary says to the secret service and the language she uses. Bill was know for his mistresses before elected and no one objected. Bill was known for rapes and people brushed that aside. Hillary said about 4 deaths in Bengazi – who cares. A very callous hard hearted unchristian attitude towards 4 men that gave their life with out state department support. Neither are worthy. Trump did apologize. Trump did say he is a changed man since he began this run for presidency. Do I want either one? No. Hillary has said that religion will have to change their beliefs. If she is elected, be prepared for some changes in law that will cause those of us that believe the Bible is true on abortion to be put in jail because I can preach no less than what the Bible says. I am prepared for either one because my trust is not in Washington D.C. it is on heaven and my lovely Savior Jesus Christ.

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  3. I am so discouraged with the whole system which begins on the local level. It seems more and more, both parties have “talking points” for us and a different agenda for themselves. Praying for our present and future leaders is so important as is staying involved in the process and trying to become more united and less divided.

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