Reality Has Just Set In

It has always been my plan to post one blog per week not counting the daily prompts, but last week passed without a post! My posts usually come rather easy as they are generated from something that has been or is percolating  within me which makes the writing easy.

So, now I have just realize this is why I need the Daily Prompt. At least it keeps me writing and on the radar.

I have a couple of topics in my queue that I have started, but it isn’t quite at the stage where it flows. I don’t like these moments. I believe this is about my second period of time that this has happened when it is not due to my busyness.

I hope this passes soon.


9 thoughts on “Reality Has Just Set In

  1. Hey! There are moments in which we have no inspiration whatsoever. One of the tools I have used in the past is to accumulate when there is inspiration. If I write 1000-word-a-day posts and one day I have a lot of momentum, then I write two or three to keep them as backups.

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  2. Hmmmm, I know what you are going through. I pledged that I would exercise for 30 days in a row, and I was making it fine until I let my mind take over my spirit. I didn’t feel that spunky one day and that is when the whole project derailed. I will be praying for inspiration as well.

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  3. I can relate! Was going to write a blog post yesterday …that didn’t happen. Hasn’t happened yet today. Usually for me, it is the challenge of quieting myself to pray and then stay quiet and listen for God’s whisper. Trust that God has a purpose during our times of not writing. Just as He does when He inspires us to write! Let us pray for one another to write an inspirational post….whenever that happens!

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